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Instrument Policy_Infrared spectrometer

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Time-resolved IR spectrometerTime-resolved IR spectrometer



Wide Spectral Range

The VERTEX 70 can be optionally equipped with optical components to cover the spectral range from 30 cm-1 in the far IR, through the near IR and up to the visible spectral range at 25,000 cm-1


Automatic Component Recognition

The sources, detectors and beam splitters on the VERTEX 70 are electronically coded to be recognized by the instrument and the appropriate experimental parameters are automatically loaded.


Spectral Resolution

The standard spectral resolution of better than 0.5 cm-1 is suitable for most applications for solid, liquid and even gaseous samples. However, should the needs of your application change, the spectrometer can be upgraded to a boxcar resolution of 0.16 cm-1.



Rapid Scan / Step Scan

Rapid Scan and Step Scan time-resolved spectroscopy (TRS) with transient recorders. In figure 1, a 10 nsec time resolved Step Scan emission of the switch-on of a NIR laser LED at 4 cm-1 spectral resolution is shown.

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